New School Parenting Program

In today's big brother climate, BMH has developed an answer for the challenges brought on by the "New Millennium Parenting Rules." Far too many of us are conflicted and even afraid to parent our children the way we know how. While still faced with the same "centuries-old" child rearing difficulties, we are asked, no demanded in fact, to adopt and abide by an assortment of restrictions placed on us.

In truth, we are asked to throw away the old mold and begin parenting anew. Not to worry, BMH has developed a New School Parenting Program, but with and Old School Feel. Good old-fashioned firmness and explicit morality remain our focus, but done in a new way; for a new day. Parenting, although challenging, can still be as effective as it was in the days gone by. It takes a New School (of thought) to master the new rules.