Safe Homes
Home Should Be A Place of Peace

Do you recognize any of the following? Verbal Hostility,Physical Abuse Are these present in your Home?

Victims of Violence often face a wide range of struggles. They often questions what has happened or what they may have done to cause or prevent it. Many wonder how they will heal and why they cannot connect with their love ones as they once did. It si also common for survivors to feel anger or frustration as they ponder whether they will ever be "normal" again. While every survivor's experience is unique, violence trauma is almost always a life-changing experience that can affect everything from one's ability to sleep to his /her ability to concentrate.
Beverley Mack Harry Consulting Service can help.
You are not alone.Our one size fit all program, highlights triggers that may accelerate common disputes within the home.

Our Domestic Violence program is definatily a step in the solution direction.