Heal the hurt and Cure the family

The initial philosophy of this agency was to provide cultural sensitivity that was for the most part noticeably absent between client and therapist. At that time, research and testimonials confirmed that mental health evaluations and treatments did not adequately incorporate the norms and practices of the marginalized populations they sough to serve.
Consequently, Ms. Beverley Mack Harry felt that it was imperative to correct this disparity in mental health services. Ms. Harry was particularly sensitive to this issue as she was faced with the harshness of acculturation as a young teen transitioning from Guyana, South America to New York City.

Needless to say, this challenge seemed insurmountable, but she was confident that it could and would be addressed. With Ms. Harry's lead, slowly but surely, social workers of all cultural ethnicities and language proficiencies embraced this paradigm. They signed on to become a part of this important undertaking to increase the number of clinicians that are culturally sensitive.

There was one additional goal: to highlight the need for cultural awareness on the part of all clinicians. Presently, Beverley Mack Harry Consulting Services provides clinicians with a venue to gain both the experience and training necessary to cultivate their skills in a culturally sensitive environment. This is accomplished through our treatment programs plus the BMH Training Institute.

Our clinicians meet the challenges of inaccessibility by treating clients in their homes throughout the five boroughs of New York City. This added feature of personalized service creates even more opportunities to incorporate culture into the treatment process.

To date, we have trained in excess of 100 clinicians; who in turn have serviced well over 20,000 children and countless adults over the course of the last 15 years. Evidence of our successful mission is clear via our strong presence in the African American and Caribbean Communities. The marked progress seen in many of our clients; in addition to the growth of our clinicians, can also be counted in the roll-call of BMH successes.

Many of our clinicians have been able to enhance their skills and spread the excitement of client goal achievement through cultural awareness and sensitivity. Several have become entrepreneurs who have opened their own private practices. Some have graduated into trainers at other institutions and still others have developed programs rooted in our founding philosophy of "passion for change."

Intrinsic in all their professional practices is the idea that each client is an individual with goals and dreams that incorporate their cultural beliefs. This idea must be the light that we must follow without prejudice and/or disrespect.